Are you looking for a way to grow deeper in your faith? Do you have questions about Christianity or about LCPC, but don’t know how or where to ask them? Do you feel like it’s time for you to take a step forward, but are unsure how to do that? Good news! We have an exciting option for you! We’d like to officially invite you to be a part of our 2020 Confirmation Class at LCPC.

What is Confirmation? 
Confirmation is a Presbyterian tradition wherein teenagers in the church study church traditions, beliefs and foundations with the goal of becoming members of the church. Through this process, they are given the opportunity to ask questions, see multiple perspectives, think and grow with the goal of affirm their belief in Jesus, and confirming their baptism. 

Who is Confirmation for? 
Confirmation is for any student in high school who is interested in learning more about what faith is all about, who Jesus really is, the role of faith in our everyday life, or even for students who have been wondering about life’s big questions, such as “what’s my purpose?” “what am I here for?” “how can I know if God is real?” If you want to grow, learn, or are even just curious, please join us! Note: you do not have to have been baptized Presbyterian or at all to join Confirmation class. 

What will we study? 
Over the course of 9 weeks, we will cover the following topics:
God the Father and the Trinity
The Old Testament and God’s people
Jesus and the Atonement
The Holy Spirit
Prayer and Baptism
The Church and God’s Mission in the World
Heaven and the Return of Christ

The 2020 Confirmation Class will be EVERY SUNDAY from 11am-12:15pm in the student center, from February 16 - April 19, pausing on April 12 for Easter. Students can miss a MAXIMUM of 2 classes. Confirmation class is free, and sign ups are open.There will also be a celebration banquet on Sunday, April 26th in honor of the students who complete the class.