The Abide Spring Break Retreat is a three day trip to Joshua Tree National Park for jr. high and high schoolers from March 14-16. Students will hike and do bouldering during the day and will each stay in their own tent (by themself) at night. The hikes and bouldering will be manageable for students who are inexperienced in hiking and bouldering. The leaders for the trip are Josh Horton, Austin Granier, and Darell Fernandez and Michele Fernandez (who is a health professional). 


We will be camping on a private campground just outside of the main town of Joshua Tree and doing all of our hiking in the Indian Cove Campground recreational area, where there is a park ranger on duty 24/7. Any student who does not have their own tent to bring (a 4-person tent size or smaller please) will be able to borrow one from Josh on request. Students are welcome to bring a cot or air mattress. Every person in attendance will be required to present a negative COVID test from within 3 days of our departure. Results are usually received within 1 - 2 days.


Cost for the trip is completely FREE to all students. We have room for 15 students *maximum.*

Students can sign up below. Please do not register until you are sure that you will attend.

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Our trip filled up in one day! How insane is that? We're working to get more space, but in the meantime please join the waitlist and we'll be in touch.

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